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Thursday, April 25, 2013

20 years...

April 21st of 1993 at 5:39pm my beautiful mother gave life to me(after telling the nurses and doctors that she changed her mind and didn't want it anymore). 20 years ago, a whole decade, I was given the best gift ever. After two months of being away from home, I got to travel back to celebrate my 20th birthday with everyone! On my 2nd birthday I got the second best gift ever next to life, my cousin Kasidee! Yup that's right, we are freaks and share the same birthday and so do our moms on July 9th!
I was so happy to be back in my hometown, as I always am, but this time was just as fabulous.
Can I just say how wonderful my mother is? And how blessed I am to have her? She made a video of 20 years of my life which you can click on that link to see. It is so beautiful! She also got me the most stunning, sentimental gift a girl could ask for!

Aren't they stunning?! They are the Pendleton Round Up emblem with a diamond for my birthstone and on the back they are engraved with "Forever and A Day"(we always say I'll love you forever and a day!). I'm so deeply in love with them!

Also while I was home I did a lot of the things I miss out on in the city, like back roads driving with my cousin while the wheat is green and the canola blooming, mowing my grandparents yard, and getting to sit down to several breakfasts with my cousins and grandparents!

On Sunday I got to see the kids before I went out to my grandparents for a birthday brunch. They are such sweet things and I miss spending time with them so much! I got the best birthday wish from Jace too!! I can't figure out why it's sideways on here, but oh well, doesn't that just melt your heart?!

It's hard to believe that I'm 20 years old and reflecting on what the last 20 years has given me, I'm very excited to see what my next 20 years has instore for me. Hopefully a wonderful job, a wonderful husband with amazing kids and a house of our own, hopefully I will have traveled abroad and have lived out my next 20 years to the fullest, but I guess we will see what happens!
Instead of me blabbering on about my trip home and great it was and how AWFUL it was to have to come back, I'm just going to show you the rest of my pictures and even a video of my grandpa serenading me to the oldies! I had a fabulous time as always, I'm so blessed for the wonderful family and friends I have that I got to celebrate with! I love you all!

Birthday dinner with Grandma and my brother!

3 generations! Grandma, Mom, and I at dinner!

The two birthday girls! 20 and 18!

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