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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Welcome Fall!

Wow so talk about crazy busy since September has rolled in. After my run I drove back to Pendleton and went to the Round Up kick off concert of Chris Young and OH. MY. GOSH. He was phenomenal!! Easily one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Then on Wednesday through Saturday I got to enjoy the rodeo. I swear it's almost bad for me to go to rodeos because I get horse fever BAD. I have always been envious that my mom got to grow up with horses and I've always felt like its just something in my blood, especially barrel racing...ah sigh oh well. But the rodeo was FABULOUS! Friday was the best because Jordan got to sing the national anthem! Ok let me repeat...JORDAN MY BEST FRIEND/SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER GOT TO SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM INFRONT OF THOUSANDS OF RODEO FANS AND SHE DID FREAKING AMAZING!!!! :) I'm so proud of her and just love to brag about it :)
On Saturday I got to spend the rodeo with my kiddos. I just love them so much. I honestly never knew you could love someone so much, they are my own to me.
And I just have to tell you about how much of a sweetheart my Jacer is. The day they got into town I went over to see Glenda and this sweet little boy. Before they left he said to Glenda, "Grandma, I have a date." "A date? With who?" she asked him. "I have a date with Karlee." So presh! So when I saw him I said, "Jace, are you and I going on a date?" and he told that we were going on a date to the rodeo on Saturday and of course I said Yes! ;)

So when I saw him on Saturday he said, "Don't worry I got money for our date!" Gah how he melts my heart! I love him so much!

Words just can't even express how much I love these kids! Emily looks more and more like Tricia everyday and it just saddens me that they don't get to grow up together with their beautiful Momma.
Overall Round Up was a success, but next Round Up is the big 21! Look out Pendleton here I come!! :)

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