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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello School...

Summer 2012 definitely treated me well this year. It almost made it hard to leave Pendleton. My summer consisted a lot of staying out late with friends, parties, and random crap we decided to do. I went night swimming for the first time, I went to the PBR on Fourth of July, hit up my cousin's softball tournament, had a fabulous Ford Family Conference, and road tripped to Corvallis. I spent a lot of good times with some great people and they will be times I will definitely never forget.
Ford Family Conference with Becca!

Fourth of July with Cammeron!

Shari's date with Tyson!

Dance Party with Maggie Z!

Grandma, Kas, and I at Kas's softball tournament!

Working at Crystal Peaks with the Ford Family!
Great night with my best girls!

Going away Party!
Hilarious nights at my Bestie's!

Corvallis with my Grandpa!

On Sunday my last day of Summer, I drove up to Portland to see my dad. Saturday night we celebrated his birthday and then Sunday morning we loaded up and headed to my second home, the mountains! I had such a good time with him and getting out of the city for a day. We took the Grizz and the Polaris up around Stevenson, WA. We rode up to a landslide and hiked a little ways into it. We just hit up trail after trail, then we stopped and I got to shoot his 40 caliber Glock, which was a ton of fun! We rode around into a rock quarry full of shale rock. Then on the top section there is a beautiful scenic view of the Columbia and the Bonneville Dam. It's absolutely breathtaking! One of my favorite places by far. The peacefulness and simplicity is what I love about the mountains. It's hard to find a place that isn't peaceful or beautiful up there. We spent most of the day up there and got back around 7:30. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end summer.

Not going to lie, I kinda felt like a badass! ;)

Yesterday was my first day of class. I really love LBCC. It's so much better than BMCC and I feel like I'm on an actual college campus. There are a ton of people and they are mostly my age(Hallelujah)! My professors are all super cool and informal. It gets me really excited to get the ball rolling on this year and hopefully get more involved. I must say the only thing I do miss about BMCC is the Ag people(mostly the guys ;)). But in time I will meet people, just being in a social setting for the time being is enough for me haha!
Well until we meet again, bloggers...Unfortunately it is time for math for me!

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