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Monday, September 17, 2012

Round Up 2012

WOW! That is all I can even say for Round Up 2012. Between Jake Owen, PBR, Rodeo, and all the late nights, the lack of sleep was well worth it!
I rolled into town late Friday night, then got up early Saturday morning and headed down to my old store. As I pulled up I see that they had the truck set up for the float, then I got asked to do the parade with them(um hell yes!). Which also got my asked into working all week at the store(Boooo, but I needed the money).

Then Saturday night I went to the concert with Shelby, Zack, Ashley, Jacob, Patrick, and Justin. Finally got to see Jake Owen<3 It was such a good concert! I would go again and again if I could! After wards we went out to Shelby's and just hung out. Sunday I spent the day in Boardman with my grandparents at the RV Park that they camp host for. It was fun catching up and reliving memories from when I was younger staying down there with them.

Monday I worked all day with Shelby(which is always a fun time). Then Chey and I got together and went and yelled at people on Main. Then we hit up Shari's with Tyson and we got a table right next to the PBR bull riders! ;) I ended up playing DD for a few of my coworkers and stayed out till about 5am.

 Tuesday I opened the store with Shelby again, then scored a ticket to PBR from Allison! So fun and such great rides!! Then I went up to Chey's and hung out with everyone for a while up there.

Wednesday after I got off work, I got ready and Chey and I hit up the Rodeo. It was her first Rodeo and it was a good one! Then we went and walked main street looking at the booths. I found a coffee table down there that I wanted SO bad, but I didn't get paid until the next day, but it was gone the next day :(. Wednesday night we all hung out at Chey's again. I got to catch up with some people that I graduated with which was great!

Thursday, Caden and I hit up the Rodeo. Cain Smith a kid that we both went to school with rode in the Bull Riding section! It was awesome to see someone represent Pendleton that young. That night I went out to Shelby's and hung out with her, Zack, Katelynn, Brooke, and Dukota. Dukota and I grew up together and it was great catching up with him. It's so funny how much we change between elementary school and now! So much fun though! Friday I worked and then went and walked down main with Shelby and Zack. Then we went to Casa Fiesta with Katelynn, Zack's mom and little sister. We had to wait 2 hours for our food! It was insane! Then I went up to Chey's again. Saturday I got up and got a ticket to go to the Rodeo. After wards I walked Main and bought some super cute decorations for my apartment. I headed out to Pilot Rock to hang out with Zack and Shelby, Dukota and Brooke, then Chris and Justin came out. We just sat around and bs'ed. It was by far the best night. Sunday morning my mom and I went out to breakfast to our favorite, Roosters! Yummm! It was then that I hit the road and returned home to Albany. It was definitely a successful Round Up and I can't wait to go back home again! Let 'Er Buck! :) 361 more days until the next one! ;)

On another note my cousin Jeneal and her husband, Justin welcomed their new baby boy into the world!! Yay! Congrats to them!<3

Jace Anthony 7.2lbs, 19 in. Sept. 15, 2012

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