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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Fall 2012...

It's official! At least in my book, fall has hit! I walked out my sliding glass door this morning to a crisp chill and fog. I've made plans with Liz and Jade to carve pumpkins soon, which will be so fun! Then before we know it Halloween will be here.
The one fall holiday I really can't wait for is Thanksgiving though. Main reason being that I can go home and finally see my family. I am pretty homesick still. It didn't really hit me until last night when I was browsing through Facebook and saw a picture of my friend's pick-up parked at the 76 station on Southgate and it made me realize how much I miss driving up Southgate and being able to look over and honk if he was there or see if Hannah was working at Starbucks, or if Kate and Jordan were at Subway. I miss driving down Main and the backroads. Oh how I miss the backroads. I miss my mom and I's obnoxious adventures in the car or her and I making my brother uncomfortable with our random conversations. I miss yelling at people on Main. I miss my awkward run in's with the guy I always jokingly swore I was going to marry. I miss being able to sit in Papa Murphy's and bs with the girls until Chey got off. I've been in a mood recently where normally to overcome it I would retreat to the backroads with my country music and just let my mind wander. But unfortunately I don't have that luxury here.
But Albany has definitely been a positive experience for me. Last weekend I went up to Independence and hung out with Jade and Liz which is always a good time. School is going good. I wish I had more time to study and such, but I have been working 35 to 40 hour weeks, which I'm kind of complaining, but kind of not because I'm addicted to the money. It's just a little overwhelming.
Well I should be doing math homework, but I just can't seem to get myself motivated enough to catch up and finding the time has been  a struggle too. Until next time bloggers...

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