"Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become."

Friday, November 23, 2012

22 Days of Thankfulness...

During the month of November people on Facebook find it necessary to update their status everyday on what they are thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving, so instead of bombarding your news feed with my thankfulness, I'll write about it. There is a lot in this life to be thankful for. People more often than not take this life they were given for granted.

So here it goes: My 22 days of thankfulness...

Day 1: I am thankful for my mother, my hero. She is the most kind-hearted, strong woman I will ever meet and I can only hope that I turn out to be half the woman she is.

Day 2: I am thankful for my brother. Since I moved I've watched our relationship blossom and it makes you realize the true love you have for siblings.

Day 3: I am thankful that I am healthy and free of disease or sickness.

Day 4: I am thankful that I am alive, that I got the opportunity to wake up this morning and another chance to improve myself.

Day 5: I am thankful for the Ford Family Foundation, without them I would still be living in Pendleton, working 40 hours a week to pay for BMCC. They have given me the opportunity to take my dreams and run with them.

Day 6: I am thankful for my cousins and the sibling-like bond we have always shared, no matter where life has taken us.

Day 7: I am thankful for my dad. Only few girls get to learn the lessons a man like him teaches and I am lucky enough to be one of those.

Day 8: I am thankful for one of my best friends, Shelby. She has taught me so much and helped me find myself more than she knows.

Day 9: I am thankful for Hannah, Katie, and Jordan. They made high school one of my best memories and everything we have went through and done together has molded me into a better person. They will always have a spot in my heart.

Day 10: I am thankful for all of my grandparents and their constant love and support.

Day 11: I am thankful for all of my aunts and uncles and the humor that they possessed me with.

Day 12: I am thankful for the positive outlook on life that I hold close with me.

Day 13: I am thankful for my Tyson. I love him with all my heart and you can never frown with him.

Day 14: I am thankful for the job that I have been able to work hard for the past three years.

Day 15: I am thankful for the roof over my head and the food in my fridge.

Day 16: I am thankful that I live in a country where I am free.

Day 17: I am thankful for my education.

Day 18: I am thankful for all the friends I have made along the way. You have all taught me something new and helped me grow in some way.

Day 19: I am thankful for the clothes on my back and the money in my bank account.

Day 20: I am thankful for Tricia and her family. Rest in peace my friend.

Day 21: I am thankful for my hearing and sight, so I can embrace the beauty of music and the stunning places of this world, such as back roads, the beach and the mountains.

Day 22: I am thankful for the person I am today and for every situation, person, place, or thing that has molded me into the person I am.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! :)

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