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Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Future...

Ahhh here we are again...welcome to DEAD WEEK! Ugh! Of course what am I doing? Procrastinating? Actually I'm getting into my writing zone. I have a final paper to write tonight and sometimes I need to get into my zone to powerhouse it out. I love to write, it's just a matter of getting my head into it.
But that's not what this post is about. It's moments like these where I'm so wore out from school that I sit back and think about what I'm really working for. I picture my life ahead of me and what I'm doing to make that possible. I think about my future career and how I can't wait to get started in it. I look up jobs through the State ads just to get an idea of what they are looking for and what I should be expecting/preparing for. I think about what my first interview will be like, whose lives I'm going to change, what kind of cases that I'm going to get that will change my life. The more I think about it the more motivated I get. It lights that fire inside me that sometimes dies down a little at the end of each term. So here I am again thinking out my life and the plan I have for myself, so I decided to lay it all out.

I am currently 19 years old working on my Bachelor's of Human Development and Family Studies. While I'm working on my first degree, I want to study abroad in a country working with poverty stricken communities and children. Somewhere like Ethiopia with the Adoption Advocates International. I'm going to graduate in the Spring of 2015 with my degree from Oregon State University.

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Yes that is my face pasted on, but use your imagination with me folks!
After I graduate, I want to move to Boise, Idaho and attend Boise State University and earn my M.S.W.(Master's of Social Work) by the time I'm 25. By this time I would like to be considered bilingual in Spanish.

Woohoo! Go Broncos!
If I haven't already found a job within the career I want by the time I graduate, I would like to find one working possibly in DHS in Oregon or Idaho. Then I can wear real work clothes instead of my old nasty Papa Murphy's uniform! ;) But I should explain since I get this question ALL THE TIME. "Why do you want to do that job? It's so depressing." Yes there are some very difficult things that come with the territory, but in reality I want to change lives and change them for the better. But then one day I came across a quote that really hit me and I was like, "Yes that is exactly why!" and the quote read..."I can't help it. I love the broken ones, the ones who need the most patching up, the ones who've never been loved...and maybe I see a part of me in them, the missing piece, always trying to fit in, the shattered heart hungry for a home." Now first of all I want to say that my childhood was by no means bad or awful, especially compared to the people I will be working with, but coming from a poverty stricken family we definitely experienced things that a lot of people will never understand, I had to grow up quickly, but I do not resent or regret one bit of it. I want these children and families to do the best for not only themselves, but each other and the community. I feel like I will be able to truly relate to the people I will work with, I won't be that case worker they look at and say this girl doesn't even know what it's like, she doesn't know our struggles and here she is trying to change us. No, I do know what it is like to an extent and I want to help you and give you the hope that I had stored into me. Everything is possible and sometimes all people need is that helping hand.

 Some of my personal fav's! Credit goes to: http://hello-gorgeous-blog.blogspot.hu/p/threads.html
Check it out she has fabulous ideas!!

My first real debt when I get out of school will be buying myself a new car!


I haven't planned much past that. I mean of course I eventually want to get married and have kids, but I have so much more that I want to do first. All in all though, I want to change lives. I want to be an inspiration to everyone I come in contact with.
Another thing I am determined to do throughout my life is to give back to the Ford Family Foundation. I owe them so much, especially after what they have been doing for me lately.

I don't know where my life is going to take me, but I am determined that my future will be a bright one and no one can take that from me.

Good luck on finals, fellow readers! :)

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